Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plus SDF (homeless no more)

We FINALLY found an apartment. It's perfect: fully furnished, plenty of storage, nice wood flooring and big, South-facing windows with full sunlight. The location is walking distance from my job and convenient access by metro from Tom's. We also have pretty much everything we need within walking distance, and are right on top of three main metro lines. The rent isn't cheap, but it is pretty good for central Paris, especially considering the size (about 35m2) and location. The only possible downside (that we've discovered so far, at least) is that it's on the 5th floor (or 6th floor, in American terms) with no escalator. This made moving in a bit of pain (we opted to just use luggage to slowly transport everything we own from one place to the other via metro...resulting in 5 pack-mule-style journeys, with both of us towing two bags and a backpack) but we're young and able-bodied, so it shouldn't be a bit deal from here on out.

However, what with the simultaneous timing of the renting formalities and the moving and my new job, and now the wedding in England to attend, it's been a hectic last couple of weeks. We're quickly having a crash course in the steps of renting an apartment, from the lengthy 'etat des lieux' form (where you and the landlord go around the apartment together and inspect absolutely EVERYTHING to record damages to be compared to the state of the apartment when you leave), to transferring the name of the electricity account for the apartment (a surprisingly involved and linguistically-demanding 25-minute phone call), to settling the question of a 'garant', to buying renter's insurance, to arranging for a WiFi ("wee-fee") technician to come and install some Internet. On the bright side, I'm learning lots of fun new housing/utilities-specific vocabulary; for example, the word for a set of keys in french is a "jeu", or "game" of keys.

I find myself Internet-less for the short term, so updates might be sparse in the interim. Never fear, I shall return triumphant--and with pictures!--after our housewarming party. Until then, dear readers...

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  1. Wow! A job, an apartment...sounds like everything is coming together nicely! Well done!