Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mobile moments

Time for yet another installment of pictures taken around Paris with my mobile phone. To start us off, some cool graffiti in the Saint-Germain area:
A chef making noodles in a process similar to pulling wool at "the best noodle place in Paris"--aka, Pâtes Vivantes, in the 9th arrondissement:
A really gay shop window just down the street from the Amélie café:
Being in France is a good reminder than a lot of the world isn't as supportive of Israel as the US is:
This one hashes on Sarko AND Israel:
Taped up on an advertising light board in the Metro: "this space is (temporarily, alas) without an, take advantage!"
(presumably) the same artist had then commandeered the other empty spaces for political posters, encouraging anarchy, accusing the government of terror tactics, etc. Here's an example--one that goes along with the protest against the pushing back of the retirement age that I wrote about a few weeks ago: ("whip all of our leaders on to the anticipated retirement")
A smashed phone booth--part of he aftermath (also: couches, flipped cars, trash, smoldering cardboard, riot police man-handling Asians just trying to get home and the lingering, gun-powder smell of tear gas) of a riot in Belleville that we ran across trying to get Thai food on a Sunday night (because very little else is open in Paris then, and Tom had a friend in town we were trying to get dinner with. I feel bad for her--she showed up before we did and seemed rather bewildered). The riot, which had started as a peaceful protest, was a demonstration against the lack of police presence in the Asian community, and the blind eye turned to minor theft and rape. The protest turned bad after, ironically, a Chinese woman's purse was snatched, and the police sheltered the thief in the station.
A lingerie store with a cute name ('i' makes an 'ee' sound in French):
An old spinning wheel at an antiques fair that made me think of Sleeping Beauty:
A bookstore in the 13th. I liked the lettering, which was all filled with little books on shelves:
A window of Chinese Barbie-esque dolls in the 13th:
A 'formule' is like a combo meal and 'assiette' just means 'platter'. However, abbreviate it like this and it's sure to make any anglophone snicker--especially given those cheek-shaped pieces of 'steack':
This came out blurrier than I hoped, but it's a cocky French dude with a hipster beard, standing in front of an ad featuring--yup--a cocky French dude with a hipster beard:
A tour guide on an IES trip to Montmartre. In other words, a real-life Ms. Frizzle:
Picturesque street in Montmartre:
A cool, don't litter campaign in the RER that uses poetry to talk about the sad fate of debris left on the metro (including gum, discarded newspapers, and in this case, a beer can)
View out of the window of a brasserie, showing the pretty blue water 'carafe' and glasses at an abandoned table, and an old man smoking a pipe on the terrasse outside:

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