Thursday, June 10, 2010

6-month Tomaversary

Because I've lived overseas for so long my mom has grown accustomed to communicating with me through the no-cost method of Skype. We both generally have Skype up whenever we're home, and she'll message me pretty regularly for short conversations. The following is a snippet from a Skype chat conversation between the two of us that occurred less than two weeks after Tom and I started dating. It was awkward at the time, but I saved it under a file called "wow mom" because I figured it would be funny in retrospect. It is.

[12/18/09 2:47:35 AM] Mom: Why are you still up?
[12/18/09 2:48:04 AM] Me: just got done watching a movie
[12/18/09 2:48:18 AM] Mom: Oh--what movie?
[12/18/09 2:48:20 AM] Me: and my stomach hurts a little
[12/18/09 2:48:59 AM] Mom: from the potluck?
[12/18/09 2:49:47 AM] Me: yeah
[12/18/09 2:49:53 AM] Me: Love Actually
[12/18/09 2:50:04 AM] Mom: oh my! that was fast...
[12/18/09 2:50:18 AM] Me: what was?
[12/18/09 2:50:40 AM] Mom: your stomach hurts cause you're in love?
[12/18/09 2:51:04 AM] Me: No!
[12/18/09 2:51:10 AM] Me: the movie, "Love Actually"
[12/18/09 2:51:16 AM] Mom: OH!
[12/18/09 2:51:17 AM] Me: with Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman
[12/18/09 2:51:17 AM] Mom: nevermind...

I thought this was an appropriate time to dig this out because our 6-month "anniversary," the first one worth celebrating, falls today, the day of Tom's brother's wedding. I've set this post to delay until then, but by the time you're reading it I'll be off celebrating an eventful 6 months together (seriously...from a dorm to an apartment, from studenthood to work...) and the beginning of another couple's life together. And, on a more basic level, Love. Because Love Actually is all around.

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