Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chez nous

Bienvenue chez nous--welcome to our flat!

Here's our living room, looking back towards the front door. And my precious bookshelf. The couch folds out into a pretty spacious bed (onomatopoeic french term for a fold-out couch: "clique-claque!") so feel free to turn this photo tour into a real one by buying a plane ticket...
Living room from the door. Note the huge, well-lit windows.
Makin' iced tea in the kitchen. You can see our basil plant, Luhrmann, in the background.
View down into the courtyard from the kitchen window.
Full view of the kitchen.
And again at night, with the master chef hard at work.
View out the bedroom window.
The bedroom. You can't really tell, but our sheets are purple, and our duvet cover has purple stripes. I'm pleased that Tom had no qualms about submitting to my violet whims.

Bathroom, before. Note the brand new washing machine in the corner.
And after, with the pulley-operated drying rack lowered. Cool, right?
And last but not least, the shower. With its cute little window, and its temperature knobs (the left is force, the right is temperature, and it actually shows it in degrees Celsius. Tom does not seem to think that this is nearly as cool as I do).
So yeah, there you go. The photos everyone's been bugging me for. The walls are a little white and bare, yet, but otherwise, it's starting to feel pretty homey.

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  1. Your persistence paid off! It looks great! Might come and visit once I'm settled in Cardiff : )