Sunday, July 11, 2010

So chaud, fo' sho'

Il fait CHAUD à Paris--I'm talking in the mid-30s and drenchingly humid. And you know how forecasters always give that "feel" forecast, to describe how it feels in the shade, or with the wind chill, etc? In Paris, it literally feels like a sauna in the metro, except minus the health and relaxation benefits--it's more like you're riding along in a car where all air has been replaced by the evaporating sweat and the hot breath of your fellow, dripping passengers.

Luckily, since I walk to work I no longer need to take the metro on a regular basis (unlike Tom, who still has a half hour commute and consequently jumps in the shower when he gets home before he'll let me hug him). Unfortunately, the temperature of my office isn't much better. It's okay in the morning, but by about 3pm I've lost my ability to be productive at all, and instead contemplate which will happen first: will I melt, or fall into a drowsy sort of coma and be found later in a limp pile under the front desk?

Our apartment has the advantage of having several big windows, and therefore a decent amount of airflow. However, it also gets full sun and is in the heat-collecting top floor of the building. Even still, home is still far superior to work in terms of the amount of clothing I'm (not) required to wear (and the ease of access to iced tea, which I've been making by the gallon). I also LOVE the double bed, because it means that I can lie on the opposite edge from my human heater of a boyfriend.

After a week of searching (all the Dartys in the city were continuously sold-out almost immediately after getting new stock) I finally managed to track down a fan. It has since become my most precious possession, and he follows me around our three rooms like an obedient puppy.

See, there he is. Isn't he cute?

I can totally understand why the whole country takes off the month of August for vacation now--who would be able to get anything done? If Sarkozy really wants to go forward with his original plans of making French workers more productive, he should see to government-subsidized air conditioning units before he starts pushing longer work hours or less leave. Heck, if my office had AC I'd even consider working overtime...

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