Sunday, November 15, 2009

cold weather, colder shower

Paris is dreary in the late fall. I didn't feel as at home in Nice as I do here, but man was the weather better. It's not so much the temperature, although it is getting colder, or even the rain. It's just the constancy of the gray clouds. I feel saturated by the gray, and my moods and energy as subdued as the sky.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.

In case, if it's not already obvious I didn't do much this weekend except catch up on (much-needed) sleep and eat (not-so-needed) starch. On Friday night I made some stir-fry noodles and we hosted an impromptu potluck dinner. Inspired by my Asian noodle success, I went to Chinatown the next day to explore and I bought a whole sack full of various cheap groceries that I'm excited to experiment with. Phinn made a delicious endive salad with Gorgonzola, apples, walnuts and a dijon/lemon juice dressing to go along with out leftovers from the previous night, and we snuggled up in bed to watch Moon (an enjoyable if not predictable low-budget sci-fi flick). Today: jogging, homework, and a really really cold shower. It's been freakishly windy this whole weekend, and yesterday our power, internet and heating went out. The first two came back quickly enough, but the heating and hot water are on the fritz until the work week. As I learned the hard way in Nice, French plumbers don't work weekends.

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