Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to make a full course dinner out of a baguette...

The secret to cheap student eating in France:

Buy a fresh-baked baguette on your way home--preferably a nice wheat one with a little more nutritional value. Split into thirds.

*Appetizer: 1st third of the baguette with Boursin and liberal amounts of fresh cucumber (or tomato, if you have it). Mmm mmm mmm.

*Main meal: 2nd third of the baguette with Camembert and saucisson sec (=salami) or ham, OR a can of Tuna provencale (ready-to-eat, single-serving tuna in a tomato sauce with olives and vegetables)

*Dessert: final third of the baguette with Bon Maman raspberry jam and Nutella (or, alternatively, their cheaper, Monoprix-brand equivalents).

Best if enjoyed with a 3-euro bottle of wine.

And there you have it! All major food groups (starch, veggie, dairy, protein...FAT) covered, no cooking or prep time required, and once you've invested in the refrigerated cheeses/spreads, very affordable. The best part: if you can't make it through the whole baguette in one sitting (wuss) then say hello to breakfast!

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