Monday, May 3, 2010

Around Aegina

On our last day in Aegina we had to take a local bus to the port on the other side of the island to catch our ferry back to the mainland. The bus was rickety, and Laura needed a Dramamine to brave the curvy mountain roads, but the ride through the little inland houses and stretches of pine-covered hills was surprisingly scenic.
This side of the island was much more populated, as you can tell from the crowd at the café we ate lunch in.
For dessert, we bought some strawberries off a purple track-suited vendor who operated from her boat. I had to go aboard to pay.
View of the shoreline, with its many motorcycles and a Greek Orthodox church:
The water in the harbor was amazingly clear, which afforded a good view of the many sizes and types of fish. These gray ones seemed to be eating algae off the bottoms of boats.
We look so legit with our backpacks. (The blue and black one on the ground is mine).

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