Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh, So' MD

Southern Maryland may be a bizarre red blip in an otherwise blue state, but after four years of college there it feels more like "home" than the DC-metro sprawl. Despite the fact that the area's small population can be divided between those working for the college and those working for the naval base, its bi-polar people and strip mall culture is not without its charms. This weekend's road trip was spent in the company of great friends, and was the most fun I've had this break. Here were the highlights:

*I was touched by the amount of food/drink my friends had waiting for me...including cider and waffles with raspberries (because maple syrup is, famously, for the uninspired). They remembered my favorites!
*Finally ate the jalapeno/mushroom/swiss burger I've been lusting after ever since I got home, washed down with a pitcher of my favorite cheap beer.
*Tied for third in pub trivia and got several hugs from my friend, the toothless bar lady, who loves me because I remember her name.
*Successfully (and deliciously) mulled and spiked cider at 2am.
*Was impressed by how much one of my best friends has grown from angry young man to a clean-housed, suit-and-tie adult now that he's working for the man instead of raging him ("business casual" Crocs notwithstanding)
*Was touched (and slightly nauseated) by the adorable behavior of my two recently-engaged friends.
*Rediscovered the magical power of a cheap Mexican food brunch to ward off a hangover.
*Was completely lost in the face of my friends' newfound Trekkie nerdiness, and subsequently grateful that I live in a city that has more to offer for distraction than Star Trek reruns.
*Wrestled a beautiful but mouthy Burmese Mountain Dog puppy that has gained about 60 lbs in the 4 month since I last saw him (it's like it ate a small child. Holy crap).
*Upon my return home, cringed at the dried dog drool on my clothing and was promptly snubbed by my cat.

All-in-all, great weekend. Now off to pack and run a few pre-flight errands...

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