Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marhaba! (Welcome!) (5/29/09)

This is my first foray into blogging since my short-lived high school Xanga, and this time around I hope to avoid the pitfalls of emo-ness and dullness that I fell victim to as a teenager. My idea is to keep a sort of travel journal while I'm in Tunisia (and, later, while I'm in France, assuming I'm able to make a habit of writing entries). This can then take the place of annoying mass update emails, and allow you fine people to choose how often (or not) you'd like to check up on what I'm doing.

So as far as the Critical Language Scholarship goes, I'm two days away from my orientation, where I will meet the band of (hopefully cool) people that will accompany me on my Arabic adventure. This puts me four days away from the actual flight. I've gotten all my shots, ordered my shiny new portable Lapple (a mere few days before they started the free iPod promotion, alas!), bought some Teva sandles, dug out my outlet converters, and generally started to feel my typical pre-departure anxiety.

On the to-do list before Sunday: get a haircut. PACK. Go over the Arabic flashcards and typing program that I really should have started before now. PACK. Get my paperwork together for France, so I can send it off before I go. Finish un-packing my college stuff. Pick up prescriptions, and some Immodium (fingers crossed my stomach will react just fine to camel couscous and I won't need it). Get some passport photos taken.

Oh yeah, and PACK.

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